Here we are!

3 Dudes on the road, looking for some adventures and helping others to realize their dreams!

My name is Yves, I'm 42.  Left the corporate world a few years ago.  Nomad by heart, I cannot imagine living in the same house, in the same city, for the rest of my life.  The world is so big and has so many things to offer, I must see it all!  I love the ocean, lobsters, sailing, dark rhum, snorkeling, and I have an absolute love for planes!

My name is Martine, 43, and a few grey hair to prove it!  As far as I can remember, I always said that I would not finish my life here in Quebec.  I'm not afraid of the nomadic life in fact, I can't wait!  Still working in a private high school but counting the days...  I love red wine, walking, sailing; my favorite hobby is  photography, and I am a huge fan of classic rock.  And a piece of dark chocolate doesn't hurt...

Hello people!  My name is Lulu, I'm a 4 years old female Rottweiler and I love to go for a drive to see what's happening in the world.  Coming from Germany, you guess that I'm not afraid of traveling around the world with my owners!  I'm very sweet and gentle and my favorite meals are chicken and pork, with sometimes a little piece of bacon... Love to play soccer too!  Hope to see you on the road!  By the way, my nickname is Dude.  Guess where the blog's title comes from?  I'm a star!

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