Interview with Kim from So Many Places

Finding someone with the same goal in life is very exciting!  I recently stumbled upon this blog, So Many Places, and I was very happy to see that Yves and I weren't the only ones dreaming about selling everything to go on the roads. 

Kim and Brian, from Oregon, are in the process of preparing for their RTW trip and I asked Kim a few questions about all this prep and what it involves.

1. First, a brief bio to help the readers know a little bit more about yourselves?
My husband, Brian, and I will be selling all of our things, quitting our jobs, and setting out to travel the world.  We just recently sold our house and almost all of our possessions, moved into an apartment and signed a 10-month lease.  We'll be leaving in June 2012.
My dream is to travel the world and write about it and Brian is up for the adventure.  I know it sounds a little cheesy but there has been nothing more thrilling than working towards this dream.  I really feel we are on the path we are supposed to be on.
2. What made you decide to quit the cubicle life and travel around the world?
I finally realized that no matter how successful I was in my career, a 9-5 job in a cubicle would never satisfy my intense desire for something more.  I'd always dreamed of traveling and writing and I knew that if I didn't TRY to fulfill my dream I would always wonder "what if?"  It has been hard giving up this nice life that Brian and I have.  We aren't running away from anything here, we have a great, enjoyable life and we feel very blessed.  But, what might life be like if we lived our dream?  The pull to find out was too strong to deny (and that decision did not come easy.  There were many, many panic attacks involved). 
Brian and I always say that if the only thing we learn on our travels is that we had a wonderful life that we shouldn't have given up, that will be enough.  Because, if we didn't travel, we would always wonder... 
3. You are in the process of preparing for your RTW trip.  Budgeting is a big part of the process and you recently sold your house to help you meet your financial goals.  How would you describe this huge step, because you know now that it's for real?
This has been INSANE!  First of all, the house sold much faster than we were anticipating (one day!) so I don't think we were emotionally prepared.  It has been very hard.  There have been a lot of tears shed and a lot of the questioning and wondering has kicked in.  I wonder- are we crazy?  What are we doing?  Are we making a gigantic mistake? 
But, let me tell you, deep down I KNOW that we are on the right track.  I don't know where that confidence comes from but I can feel it, and so we move forward.  I have found that, as we follow our dream, that inner voice gets louder and louder.  It's so easy to hear and listen to it now, and that inner voice doesn't steer you wrong.
Finally, we are trying to allow ourselves to mourn.  We knew we would have to give up a lot to follow this dream and the house is a huge sacrifice.  We try to tell ourselves that "we are not our things."  Owning a home and a bunch of nice things doesn't make us better or worse than anyone else.  We should be able to stand alone and still be proud, when all else is stripped away.  I think we can do that now in a way we could have never done before we embarked on this path.
4. Did you get bad reactions following your decision to sell everything and leave your friends and family to pursue your dream?
YES!  All the time.  My Mom has called me crazy numerous times.  People at work think we are insane.  What about retirement?  What about your future?  But there are just as many people out there that have said "go for it" and "live your dreams."  I've found that sometimes people think that our decision is a rejection of their lifestyle and therefore a judgement.  It isn't, but I understand how they might see it that way. 
5. As a dog owner myself, i'm wondering why you won't bring your 2 dogs along with you?
The dogs are the absolute hardest part about this whole thing.  We would bring them with us if we could- but how?  I can't imagine dragging two big, old dogs around the globe.  Do hostels allow dogs?  It just doesn't seem possible. We are really praying that our family members will agree to watch the dogs while we are gone.  This is a hurdle that hasn't been resolved yet and it could put a stop to everything.  We love our dogs and would never leave them anywhere unless we knew they were being cared for in the same way we care for them.  The truth is, they are resiliant, and we believe that if we leave them in the right place they won't even miss us and when we return home they'll look at us and wonder "who are those people?" 

6. Your blog, So Many Places, is very candid, very honest about your feelings regarding what's ahead for you both.  Was it the way you intended to blog or did it come naturally?
Nope, not at all.  Initially I just thought it would be a blog about, you know, here is how you get Visas and here is the RTW route we selected.  I've found my voice over time and I've realized that So Many Places isn't actually a travel blog, it's a blog about the process I'm going through to follow my dreams.  The lens that I write through is travel-related, but the dream-following part resonates with anyone who has ever had a dream that won't die. 

7. You're both nature lovers.  What is THE place you want to see during your RTW trip?
So hard to answer!  I can't wait to see the Patagonia region in Chile and to hike in Nepal.  While Brian loves nature he also loves beer, and he can't wait to go to Germany and Belgum.  
I'm also really excited by those places that I don't even know exist yet.  I can't wait to be taken aback by all the places I never even dreamed of seeing. 

8. Did you make a "bucket list" of must-see, must-do during the adventure or will you just "seize the day"?
Yes, I do have a list of things I really want to do while we are on the trip.  For example, I want to learn to speak Spanish.  I wrote a post about it, actually, here: http://www.so-many-places.com/2011/02/rtw-must-do-list/

9. Are you afraid of the "after"?  How do you envision life after the adventure?
You know, it's weird, but I don't think about the "after" very often.  I believe that I am on this path for a reason and so I try not to imagine how life will turn out because I want to be open to all of it.  I like to believe that life might change in unexpected ways that I can't imagine.  Is it crazy that I don't think about the after?  Now I'm worried about it!

10. What is your biggest fear regarding this trip, if any?
I have a ton of fears!  I'm terrified to quit my job and not have a paycheck.  I'm scared that we might hate traveling!  Can you image?!?!  I'm scared that traveling will bring out the worst in me (I'm a homebody... without a home!).  I'm scared about finding the right insurance.  I'm scared that we won't find a good home for our dogs.  Should I go on????  Lots of fears.  But the greatest fear of all is never having the courage to follow through on this dream. 
Thank you Kim!

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