You know you're leaving in less than a year when...

I find the formula of "you know... when..." very funny.  It allows for small gasps, winks and reflections on the spot. 

Less than a year to organize everything and you know you are leaving in less than a year when...

- you're no longer counting in months or weeks but in days;
- you know you have less than 100 days of work;
- you love cross-checking the cells on the calendar;
- the coutdown widget has become your best friend;
- you're planning your visit to the doctor, the dentist with some guilty pleasure when you usually avoird them like the plague;
- you do spring cleaning of the house every 3 weeks;
- you watch every documentaries on tv and even the most boring one makes you sweat;
- you saliva in front of an atlas in the library;
- you think about what it's gonna cost you in vet expenses because you had the wonderful idea of traveling with you dog;
- you read and/or comment more than 20 blogs a day;
- you pick up all the pennies you find on the ground or in pockets and hide them in a teapot;
- you realize you still have to face another canadian winter;
- you wake up at night completely distraught at the idea of not being able to expect the unexpected;
- you're totally discourage by what's left to do before departure;
- you don't take any more long-term commitment...

...and you wait for "something" to happen...

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