For our english-speaking friends among the travel community, we decided to create an english version of our french blog Destination Terre.  We hope that you'll find this one as interesting as the other!

Of course, you'll see many differences between the two.  We like to experiment a little and what fun is it to create the exact same blog?!  So that's why we decided to change the layout, the colors, ...  The posts will be different too; we will talk about our big RTW project but sometimes with a different point of view.  Again, let's be creative!

By the way, please be indulgent with us, our english is not quite perfect yet but we are working on it!

The other reason why we decided to create an english version on our blog is that, in less than a year, we'll be on the road for... ever! and we would love to share our stories with you guys in the US.  So this blog was an obvious thing to do to be able to talk with you and interact with you.

Give us a few days to get things in order here and come back as often as you'll feel like it! You'll always be welcome here!

See you soon!

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