345 days...

Today, we approach a new chapter in our preparations. Indeed, we reach the 345 days before the big departure! Emotional moment if ever there was one, because we realize that time flies and we still have so much to do! On the other hand, emotion is even stronger because we know that in 345 days, we will ship to a new life, new scenery, new discoveries, to new friends even, as you never know, we may encounter on the road? 345 days ...

We approach it with great serenity  because we are prepared for what lies ahead. So where are we today? Equipment is almost set. We made lists of what we need, just have to pack. Regarding means of transport, we looked at the options available to us and until now, our choice goes to the Rialta, a good compromise between living space and cost. We'll talk about it in a future post. As for work on the road, there is a very interesting option looming on the horizon but I'll say no more! It may strike hard so we keep the surprise for later ... sorry!

We will use the 345 days we have left to complete small projects on a daily basis. And to take advantage of our last months in Quebec.  The idea of setting a date drives us to act. What we also recommend to all those of you who wish to undertake a project. Set a date, it embodies the things, it also puts them in perspective, and sometimes when doubt or panic sets in, it allows you to prepare effectively. And it allows us to appreciate every moment of the process.

For a journey must be determined before, during and after. After ... that's another story. For some, it is tinged with apprehension, while for others, the after emerges as a second long journey. In our case, however, the «before» is more difficult. Why? The wait to leave! We turn around, we look at the hours and days pass and we‘re near a nervous breakdown! We read other blogs and saliva on the idea of being where they are!

Fortunately, we will finally have time to talk to you more often. And to read! Aside from the usual friends, we discovered other travelers like us, who share this passion for the world. You will have a list of our favorite bloggers. You know some and you may discover new ones. ... Since the beginning of this adventure that will take us where? - it is not clear yet-, we found one thing: the community of travelers is one who stands, who help each other, which is curious, friendly, cheerful, informed, cultured, lively, funny, passionate. When the project began, there were only two of us and now ... Your presence helps a lot.

Many thought we were two old fools! Old fools like us, there are many! You kind words, your comments give us the sacred fire, lead us to continue our journey, reassure and comfort us in our decision. We all live vicariously through the blogs of one and the other, knowing that one day it will be up to us to motivate someone, somewhere...

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