The world according to Lulu

Finally!  After months of waiting, my owners let me use the computer for the continuation of my adventures.  I admit however that after the big announcement of our departure on the road planned for 2012 - less than a year - I needed to digest the news...

Here I am, very quiet trying to gobble the flies, when I surprised them  discussing about travel, motor home, but also words such as vet, chip, ... To provide chills and thrills!

I have nothing against a drive, just to sniff what's happening elsewhere, but here we are talking about several thousand miles where, it seams, they EAT dogs!!  One of my friends told me that on FB, a golden who knocked a lot of miles with his owners. (Yep, I'm on FaceBook...)  Already, my breed may result in some funny - or scary - situations on the road, so I might as well... finish in the pot!

Fortunately, my owners will travel gradually.  Canada and the US first, then Europe and then, the countries of dog-eating humans.  I might make them change their mind by then? 

Well, that's all good but I have only one question: what does it mean for me?  I will have to pierce my skin how many times before leaving?  My vet reassured me.  An update of my vaccinations (including rabies), deworming about 40 days before departure (beurk!) and an electronic i.d. chip in the neck, the size of a grain of rice and I'll be ready to go!  My owners will have a health certificate to prove to customs that i'm worthy to set paws in their country.  Oh, I will also have my OWN passport!  What do you think about that?

Good news:  I checked with the embassy and I can go anywhere in North and South America, except for Mexico - no way I'll stay in quarantine!  In Europe, I can visit all the countries, except the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Danemark, Iceland and Malta, but who wants to go to Malta anyway?  Why can't I?  I'm considered a fighting dog.  Me, a fighting dog?  RIDICULOUS!  Well, I like a small show off occasionnally, but only to impress!

Impressive, hein?

I can even go to France!  Yes, yes!  From January 2012, it will be possible for gods like me, second class dogs as they call us, to enter the French territory.  Second class dog... Pfff!  Ok, ok, Vive la France!  Long live the sausages!  I heard they're great!

Oceania, we forget that, up to 3 months in quarantine, no thank you!  Asia?  Well... this is where I will use my power of persuasion to convince my owners to change their minds.  Oh, no problem, they welcome me in Asia.

It's just that, you see, ending up in spring rolls...

Can you imagine this cute little face finishing up as a spring roll?

I'll see you soon!

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